EGF Whitening Anti-aging Essence Serum Capsule Argireline Squalane Ceramide 30Cap/Box

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Key Features

EGF Whitening Anti-aging Essence Serum Capsule Argireline Squalane Ceramide30Cap/Box

An whitening anti-aging product that repairs damaged skin with the natural Essence Serum of EGFEpidermal Growth Factor, which stimulate the increase of collagen and strengthen the elastic tissues while deeply moisten skin and removes fine lines and wrinkles, glowing skin, health and beauty,health & beauty, healthy skin care, healthy face skin, anti aging skincare, best skin care products, sensitive skin care, natural skin care products.clear skin, beauty tips for glowing skin, health and glow products for skin,radiant skin. Reveal a smoother, more radiant, younger look. Wake up to more beautiful skin every day.

New Your FaceNFNEGF Anti-aging Moisturizers Whitening Anti-wrinkle Essence Serum Capsule, with mitigating inflamed for sensitive skin, moisturize, anti-wrinkle, Remove Wrinkles, anti-aging, Whitening, smooth wrinkles, repair cuticle and refine pore, balance oil secretion, conditioning keratin, maintain skin firmness and elasticity and so on, can soft skin care,brighten, whiten and nourish your skin to enhance the elastic of the skin,Present glossy, moisturizing and whitening skin, Without hurting skin. fresh, not greasy, good absorption, This unique formula is gentle and mild for best healthy skin care. Suitable for normal and aging skin and dry skin and sensitive skin.

IngredientsEGF, Vitamin E Oil, Argireline, Natural Squalane, Macadamia Oil, Ceramide 3, β-White.

BrandNew Your Face, NFN

ProductEGF Skin-glowing Whitening Capsule

How to use

After facial cleansing, you can open the capsule (cut and twist) and squeeze the essence to apply evenly on the face to maintain the refreshing sensation of the skin.

Matters needing attention

1.Store in a dark cool place; keep away from high temperature and sunlight.

2.Avoid contact with eyes. Immediately flush with water in case of eye contact.

3.In case of any discomfort after using the product, please immediately stop using and seek medical attention.

Capacity30 Cap/Box

Country of originTaiwan

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