New Your Face(NFN) Amino acid gentle facial foam

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Key Features

Ocean whitening power, thoroughly purifies skin and pores. Skin is Left feeling moisturize, dewy and white skin.


Product Features & Description:

The New Your Face(NFN)Amino acid gentle facial foam, using brand new generation Amino acid gentle clean Facial Mousse ingredients, thoroughly clean the pores dirt with gentle fresh result. Feel mild and comfortable, refreshing, hydrating moisturizing, skin moist and tender fresh without tense after washing.


Amino acid is a weak acid moisturizing factor and is a human skin PH value with similar ingredients, with a good lock water moisturizing effect, make the skin moist and tender and fresh, a new generation of Amino acid wash facial Mousse, selection of seaweed plants recipe, adding a unique cleansing factor, dense foam and soft, natural and whitening power from the ocean, can thoroughly clean pores and dirt, the role of mild and comfortable, not to hurt the skin, and can achieve the effect of moisture lock water, washed, fresh without dry and tense, Make your skin more soft and comfortable No soap base, alcohol, Paraben, SLES and other irritating and harmful substances, not to hurt the skin , is the top Facial Mousse. Suitable for all skin.


lngerdients:Amino acid, Seamollient, Rose Hips Oil, Glycerol, Vitamin E Oil, Triglyceride, Allantoin.


How to use:Gently press the pump 1~2 times of Mousse on the palm, and apply to forehead, nose, chin and eyelid, gently circulate and massage skin for two minutes. Rinse with water. It can easily cleanse your skin and pores and bring away dirt. The Amino acid gentle facial foam can be emulsified by water and can be easily wash away without any remaining and without hurting skin.


Matters needing attention:

1.Store in a dark cool place; keep away from high temperature and sunlight.

2.Avoid contact with eyes. Immediately flush with water in case of eye contact.

3.In case of any discomfort after using the product, please immediately stop using and seek medical attention.




Country of origin:Taiwan


Ubeauty Biotech International Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of natural plant-based skin care products with rejuvenating effects that promote healthy skin.   New Your Face(NFN) and Kamera Face (KMF)are our registered brands name. The products includeThe Remove foam, the Amino acid gentle facial foam, the Exfoliating Cream, All types Toning lotion, All types Essence, the EGF Whitening Capsule, All types Whitening Cream, All types Facial mask, All types Eye mask, All types Body Skin Tightening Lotion, the BB Cream. The advance treatment products include the other Skin care products, the Acne treatment, the Remove wrinkles and Dark circles eye treatment as well as body lotion and sun block cream.


Ubeauty is devoted to meet the individual needs of beautiful skin for every woman.


Our products meet standards of the GMP, FDA , EEC EU We has an excellent design, R& D and production team. We provide the One-Stop customized complete high quality service for OEM and ODM products.


Work with us to achieve your goal with the following benefits:

We accept paypal payment for sending product samples and small order quantity.

Lower Price to enhance the competitiveness and your profit.

Exquisite customized development and trademark design, which helps you to bring in potential customers.

Quality After Service to better support you and your customers

Sole Agent System to rein your territory exclusively.


Ubeauty is committed to offering advanced solutions to revitalize your skin for healthy appearance and dedicated to meeting your craving for high-quality products at competitive price, plus excellent service.


Serve the call:886-4-22364398886-4-22364398skype:tigerdean48QQ:3040567669

Our account is:ubeauty001@gmail.comhttp://ubeauty.taiwantrade.com.tw/


If you need any further information, please feel free to contact us!


Welcome to contact us if any other countries ask to order.

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