New Your Face(NFN) EGF Skin-glowing Whitening Capsule

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Key Features

Deep skin care, gives you a glow moisturizing, glossy and whitening skin.


EGF stimulates skin regeneration, reduces pore size, and balances oil secretion. Besides, EGF enhances skin repair because it can be delivered to the bottom layer of skin. It repairs damaged skin, enhances skin hydration, prevents wrinkles and improves skin firmness and elasticity. It also moisturizes facial skin, replenishes skin’s hydration, and protects soft skin.


The EGF Skin-glowing Whitening Capsule using Brand new generation whitening, against aging, anti-wrinkle and rejuvenate skin ingredients β-White. It is Synthesized from natural plant extracts of hops, Using The Unique Nanotechnology, with Liposome transmission carrier active constituent gable, can be effective transit to Flesh’s lowest level and Maintenance the deeper skin. Ingredients includedEGF”, “Argireline” Revitalizing Firming factor, so that constituents more effectively to stay deep, deep care, with mitigating inflamed for sensitive skin, moisturize, smooth wrinkles and fine lines, repair cuticle and refine pore, reduce dull, balance oil secretion, anti-aging, conditioning keratin, smooth fine lines and prevent the formation of fine lines and maintain skin firmness and elasticity and so on, can nourish facial skin, skin moisture, soft skin care, brighten, whiten and nourish your skin to enhance the elastic of the skin, Present glossy, moisturizing and whitening skin, fresh, not greasy, good absorption. Featured natural plant anti-wrinkle formula, No alcohol, artificial colorants, Paraben and other irritating and harmful substances, not to hurt the skin. non-greasy and easy to absorb. gentle, delicate, comfortable for the top EGF Whitening Capsule, Suitable for normal and aging skin and dry skin and sensitive skin.


lngerdients:EGF, Vitamin E Oil, Argireline, Natural Squalane, Macadamia Oil, Ceramide, β-White.


How to use:

After facial cleansing, you can open the capsule (cut and twist) and squeeze the essence to apply evenly on the face to maintain the refreshing sensation of the skin.


 Capacity:30 capsules


Country of origin:Taiwan


Ubeauty Biotech International Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of natural plant-based skin care products with rejuvenating effects that promote healthy skin.   New Your Face(NFN) and Kamera Face (KMF)are our registered brands name. The products includeThe Remove foam, the Amino acid gentle facial foam, the Exfoliating Cream, All types Toning lotion, All types Essence, the EGF Whitening Capsule, All types Whitening Cream, All types Facial mask, All types Eye mask, All types Body Skin Tightening Lotion, the BB Cream. The advance treatment products include the other Skin care products, the Acne treatment, the Remove wrinkles and Dark circles eye treatment as well as body lotion and sun block cream.


Our products meet standards of the GMP, FDA , EEC EU We has an excellent design, R& D and production team. We provide the One-Stop customized complete high quality service for OEM and ODM products.


Work with us to achieve your goal with the following benefits:

We accept paypal payment for sending product samples and small order quantity.

Lower Price to enhance the competitiveness and your profit.

Exquisite customized development and trademark design, which helps you to bring in potential customers.

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Ubeauty is committed to offering advanced solutions to revitalize your skin for healthy appearance and dedicated to meeting your craving for high-quality products at competitive price, plus excellent service.


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Our account is:ubeauty001@gmail.comhttp://ubeauty.taiwantrade.com.tw/


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